Your Cameo Blogger


I’m Kavell aka your Cameo Blogger.


The name for my blog came from the fact that I have tried several times to blog and then cannot think of anything, but oh well, third times the charm right!!!

The idea of The Cameo Blogger derives from the song ‘Cameo Lover’ by Kimbra – yeah I know.. it’s quite the stretch.

I have been described by one of my best friend’s Amanda as her “iTunes Library” because I know the names of a ridiculous amount of songs and artists… apparently.

I’ve also recently become more interested in fashion, just enough to spend £5 a month on an imported magazine ‘Interview’ (Guys it’s seriously amazing, I mean artists interviewing other artists – HOW COULD YOU NOT!!!?)

I LOVE music, like a lot. Maybe too much… I own a lot of music… so mush that I have to buy an ipod classic… yeah. I’m that girl that you have to repeat things to because I’m listening to some band that you’ve probably never heard of.

I think I wanna be a writer, so I’m probably gonna post articles and poems that I write as well as just random things that come to my head.

If you want to stalk me on social media:


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