KERB Turned 5 and it was LIT


Hiding around the corner from their usual home in Granary Square, a stone’s throw away from King’s Cross Station the 5th Birthday celebration of KERB food market was turning up on a Friday night. They took this opportunity to encourage collaborations between traders, which resulted in some pretty amazing dishes. I only tried three because as hard as i try, I love bread and get full way to quickly.

White Men Can’t Jerk x Mother Clucker – 4/5


The Jerk Chicken Strips (modeled by Sam and his dirty trainers) were prefect, crispy without the skin falling off, which is a must. It came with three types of sauce and an option for a fourth which was the really spicy one, we both chickened out (pun intended). These were delicious, just spicy enough for this Jamaican food lover without being too threatening for people that don’t like to be kicked in he face with heat.

Bleecker x Bao – 3/5


There were so many choices between the two stands that were neighbors for the birthday celebration that it was difficult to choose. I went for the Chicken Bao Burger, which was essentially just a small burger. It was nice and spicy, the blue cheese dressing was deliciously salty and the balance was perfect. However, I would have loved a milk bun instead of a burger bun, but I’m partial to milk buns over everything.

Vicky’s x Blu Top – 5/5


As someone who has lactose intolerance this was my nightmare, however, as someone who loves ice cream and doughnuts this was my highlight. A toasted, ice cream filled doughnut topped with chocolate crumbly stuff and a pretzel. Possibly the best dessert I’ve ever had in my entire life, this was a hit with the whole crew. The balance of sweet, salty, warm and cold was an absolute match made in heaven.


OK Ladies, Now Let’s Get In Formation: Photos from The Women’s March London (London Edition)

#whyimarch: I marched because I have a little sister and refuse to let her grow up in a word where she is denied basic human rights because of her gender, race or sexuality. Women Rights are Humans Rights


On Saturday, in the new light that the presidency of Voldemort Trump is actually real and not just a really vivid nightmare or detailed practical joke on the whole world, sworn under oath and everything, the women of the world said a collective ‘fuck this’, strapped on their boots and began marching. Hundreds of marches across the world in support of not just the protection of the rights of women but the rights of LGBTQ+ community and minorities.

Honestly, this was my first protest in a very long time. I am not a strongly political person and mainly got int US Politics because it has honestly been a shit show throughout the election. However, I do feel strongly about human rights regardless of gender, race, sexuality or class however seeing Trump sworn in made me feel so sick that I felt moved to get involved (despite being sick) to stand in the freezing cold and protest this lying sexist racist bigot predators mere existence and any ties that the UK have to him.

When it was announced that London had come to standstill because over 100,000 people took part in a demonstration that was only expecting people to attend. Being part of the 2.9 million people worldwide, a historically large protest for the basic human rights that we are supposed to have at our disposal such as healthcare, access to contraception, education, and regardless of race was  great way to start the year.

Curtains Up: A Peek Behind the Set Pieces of London’s Greatest Theatre Productions


The set design model for Matilda The Musical

I went to this new exhibition at the V&A in my favourite part of the museum, the Theatre and Performance collection. Curtain’s Up: Celebrating 40 Years of Theatre in London and New York is a stunning collection of costumes, set pieces, set design and technology that goes into the making of some of your favourite musicals. Where else would you find a to scale model of the Matilda’s stage and the one of the original drawings from The Comedy of Errors from 1971.


The Lion King costumes for Mufasa and Nala

The curators did an amazing jobs of fitting 40 years of theatre into such a small place, considering the exhibition only takes about 30 minutes to get though (45 if you are a diligent reader). The collection is vast and varied, starting off with a classic, the London staple Lion King costumes and ending with a room that recreates the stage of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.


The exhibition will be running until the end of August so it is definitely a must fr any theatre lovers that are in South Kensington for the day.

4 Unmissable Debuts of 2015

While Lady Gaga and Katy Perry were hibernating in 2015, new artists emerged to battle for the pop crown. A debut album is often years in the making, makes or breaks an artist and can catapult them into stardom faster than they could ever hope. The new generation of pop is less about ‘loving you girl’ and more about the authentic human experience.

Halsey – Badlands


19 year old Halsey aka Ashley Frangipane is truly a child of mixed musical heritage. An album with the swagger of Biggie, the melancholy of Johnny Cash (she actually covers ‘I Walk The Line’) and the bubbling personality of Robyn, Badlands is like the younger, messier sister to Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die. Halsey’s lyrics are raw and yet her voice I sweet and implies innocence, a great example of this is the opening lines of ‘Ghost’ one of the singles “Want them wearing leather / Begging, let me be your taste test”. This LP is more than it’ds first hit ‘New Americana’, Badlands is a stunning ode to reckless youth.

Troye Sivan – Blue Neighbourhood


Troye Sivan’s critically acclaimed debut is a heartbreaking piece of art. After a long build up from his first single ‘Happy Little Pill’, the Australian youtuber has delivered Blue Neughbourhood, a stunning and emotionally mature album at 20. This LP is simple, evocative and catchy, everything that makes a great debut stick.

Hayley Kiyoko – This Side of Paradise EP


Hayley Kiyoko marked her first hit with the queer synth jam ‘Girls Like Girls’. Her lyrical honesty, and provocative visuals show that Kiyoko has got the talent to be a great pop artist. Another songwriter to emerge from girl group The Stunners – the other being Tinashe – to make honest pop music. The Other Side of Paradise is simmering pop road trip through California, it’s dreamy, airy and romantic. Kiyoko makes a clear point to explore sexuality without exploiting, a talent that a lot of stars are unable to control. She is definitely someone to watch in 2016.

Dumblonde – Dumblonde


Dumblonde is a reincarnated duo of Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex, previously of Danity Kane fame. The duo is dynamic, both aurally and visually. Their self-titled debut shows a striking balance of power within the group and a love of good quality dance music in the 2010s. These two woman show have pumped out some great club-bangers such as ‘Dreamsicle’ and ‘You Got Me’ as well as some synth heavy love jams such as ‘White Lightning’ and the trance like’ Tender Green Life’. A nice change from the repetitive EDM boring slosh of the charts, Dumblonde breathe fresh air into a well worn genre.

Subverting The Male Gaze: The 2015 Challenge

There have been quite a few articles this year about how women in the media are challenging the male gaze. While I would love to sit are write a thousand word think piece on how women in music have poignantly challenged the male gaze through songs and videos, Kat George of Dazed Digital has already done that.

Her article looks at how women in mainstream music and comedy have challenged the passivity and sexualisation of women in music videos to pander to that of the male gaze. One of the great things that she does in the article is not berate women for being empowered in their sexuality; she acknowledges that it dominates the media and praises the artists who actively go against the status quo. It is an excellent read that highlights an important issue in visual media and a great way to end the year.

Click on Miley to read Kat George’s article ‘How music videos challenged the male gaze in 2015’


Volez Voguez Voyagez: Louis Vuitton Exhibition at the Grand Palais, Paris


While in Paris, I decided to discover a bit more about the culture, mainly by drinking lots of coffee and walking in awe down Avenue Montaigne which houses every French designer flagship and then go to look at an exhibit on Louis Vuitton because, what else is there for fashion lovers to do on a Sunday in Paris for free?

First of all, the Grand Palais is a magnificent building, it is stunning from the outside and historical on the inside. Best known for housing many of Chanel’s fashion shows and The Devil Wears Prada (for me anyway). The fact that the Louis Vuitton exhibition was held there shows just how important the building is to fashion, on top of that one of the guides told us that the building used to be for aviation exhibitions.


This was an unexpected learning experience, as we went in expecting to look at handbags for Jessica Simpson, we discovered a voyage through time and travel (literally!). As we navigated through the exhibition we were met with knowledgeable guides that informed us of some of the intricacies of the Louis Vuitton brand such as the monogram logos in the contemporary collections being inspired by those of the customers of the past to differentiate between custom pieces. Or that the bucket bag was originally designed by LV to carry champagne on long car trips in the early twentieth century.


The craftsmanship of each piece of LV luggage is well beyond it’s time, most pieces look almost new and the pieces that are over 100 years younger blend in perfectly. Vuitton’s beginnings as a box-cutter clearly has everything to do with the fact that each piece is crafted to perfection. This exhibition is a great example of quality over quantity as the best pieces are custom pieces that have stood the test of time.


DNCE ‘Cake by the Ocean’ – Single Review


My first ever review was Joe Jonas’ first solo single ‘See No More’ on my Tumblr, which was about six years ago, so it only feels right that I review the first single from his new band DNCE. ‘Cake by the Ocean’ is an infectious, funky pop tune, it kind of reminds me of Maroon 5 before they gave up on making good music. This is the most mature song we have heard out of Jonas and it’s really fun.  The band balances everything perfectly: just enough funk, just enough guitar, and most importantly just enough falsetto to make a swelteringly sexy pop jam. Written with one of this year’s pop hit makers Justin Tranter, my only problem is that this came out in September and not in June. What does ‘we’ll be cake by the ocean” anyway? I don’t really care, I’m gonna keep singing it until I figure it out.