OK Ladies, Now Let’s Get In Formation: Photos from The Women’s March London (London Edition)

#whyimarch: I marched because I have a little sister and refuse to let her grow up in a word where she is denied basic human rights because of her gender, race or sexuality. Women Rights are Humans Rights


On Saturday, in the new light that the presidency of Voldemort Trump is actually real and not just a really vivid nightmare or detailed practical joke on the whole world, sworn under oath and everything, the women of the world said a collective ‘fuck this’, strapped on their boots and began marching. Hundreds of marches across the world in support of not just the protection of the rights of women but the rights of LGBTQ+ community and minorities.

Honestly, this was my first protest in a very long time. I am not a strongly political person and mainly got int US Politics because it has honestly been a shit show throughout the election. However, I do feel strongly about human rights regardless of gender, race, sexuality or class however seeing Trump sworn in made me feel so sick that I felt moved to get involved (despite being sick) to stand in the freezing cold and protest this lying sexist racist bigot predators mere existence and any ties that the UK have to him.

When it was announced that London had come to standstill because over 100,000 people took part in a demonstration that was only expecting people to attend. Being part of the 2.9 million people worldwide, a historically large protest for the basic human rights that we are supposed to have at our disposal such as healthcare, access to contraception, education, and regardless of race was  great way to start the year.