Curtains Up: A Peek Behind the Set Pieces of London’s Greatest Theatre Productions


The set design model for Matilda The Musical

I went to this new exhibition at the V&A in my favourite part of the museum, the Theatre and Performance collection. Curtain’s Up: Celebrating 40 Years of Theatre in London and New York is a stunning collection of costumes, set pieces, set design and technology that goes into the making of some of your favourite musicals. Where else would you find a to scale model of the Matilda’s stage and the one of the original drawings from The Comedy of Errors from 1971.


The Lion King costumes for Mufasa and Nala

The curators did an amazing jobs of fitting 40 years of theatre into such a small place, considering the exhibition only takes about 30 minutes to get though (45 if you are a diligent reader). The collection is vast and varied, starting off with a classic, the London staple Lion King costumes and ending with a room that recreates the stage of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.


The exhibition will be running until the end of August so it is definitely a must fr any theatre lovers that are in South Kensington for the day.