Subverting The Male Gaze: The 2015 Challenge

There have been quite a few articles this year about how women in the media are challenging the male gaze. While I would love to sit are write a thousand word think piece on how women in music have poignantly challenged the male gaze through songs and videos, Kat George of Dazed Digital has already done that.

Her article looks at how women in mainstream music and comedy have challenged the passivity and sexualisation of women in music videos to pander to that of the male gaze. One of the great things that she does in the article is not berate women for being empowered in their sexuality; she acknowledges that it dominates the media and praises the artists who actively go against the status quo. It is an excellent read that highlights an important issue in visual media and a great way to end the year.

Click on Miley to read Kat George’s article ‘How music videos challenged the male gaze in 2015’



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