DNCE ‘Cake by the Ocean’ – Single Review


My first ever review was Joe Jonas’ first solo single ‘See No More’ on my Tumblr, which was about six years ago, so it only feels right that I review the first single from his new band DNCE. ‘Cake by the Ocean’ is an infectious, funky pop tune, it kind of reminds me of Maroon 5 before they gave up on making good music. This is the most mature song we have heard out of Jonas and it’s really fun.  The band balances everything perfectly: just enough funk, just enough guitar, and most importantly just enough falsetto to make a swelteringly sexy pop jam. Written with one of this year’s pop hit makers Justin Tranter, my only problem is that this came out in September and not in June. What does ‘we’ll be cake by the ocean” anyway? I don’t really care, I’m gonna keep singing it until I figure it out.



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