Charli XCX ‘Superlove’ – Single Review


‘Superlove’ marks a change of direction for Charli, after a moody and experimental electropop debut in True Romance, she has set her sights on a more upbeat and simple kind of pop. ‘Superlove’ is a four chord pop song in the best way, its complexities lie within its apparent simplicity. The lyrics are fast and XCX squeezes all that she can into the chorus, making tongue twisters and evoking imagery so fast that it draws you in. Charli brings her eccentricities to the pop genre equating love to more destructive behaviour such as “you’re my favourite drug / I smoke you in the club”. The opposites of this jovial music and the darker lyrical content is what makes this song most memorable. Overall, this song is fun. After a really heavy debut, production wise and lyrically, Charli seems to have remembered that she is young and full of life and ‘Superlove’ reflects that realization. It’s still got that Charli XCX touch of being a dense track, but the hectic soundscape suits her.



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