Blast From The Past: Crazylove

I love me some BoomKAT (and not talking about counting out dances with that crazy woman Lauriann Gibson from Making The Band)!!!

I got Crazylove for this song from their debut album Boomkatalog.One… 10 years old and it’s still one of my jams.

If this song sounds familiar, that’s because the song as well as the singer (Taryn Manning) are in the ‘hit’ Britney Spears vehicle Crossroads. (She was the pregnant one…)

Although not considered a trip-hop group, there are definitely influences with the breakbeat and simplicity it could easily be confused with an early Nelly Furtado or Jem tune. A great funk/pop song from the brother/sister duo that somehow doesn’t seem dated.

Sadly, they haven’t made an album since 2008 with their sophomore album A Million Trillion Stars. But I recently got into Orange is the New Black on Netflix which Taryn stars in as the interesting (crazy “religious” hypocrite) Pennsatucky and apparently has an album coming out this year called Freedom City (can’t wait!)


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