I Saw ‘Kick Ass 2’ (Spoilers)

I want to preface this post with saying that I didn’t and still don’t agree with the timing of Jim Carrey’s statement detracting endorsement from Kick-Ass 2. I understand and respect his reasoning, but I think that he could have quietly stepped away from promotion.  He knew what he was getting into when he signed the contract for the role and cashed the pay check that they gave him.

I do feel that after hearing this, I went in a little more nervous about the amount of violence I would see.

However… he was partially right

Kick-Ass 2

There was a lot, maybe too much graphic violence in this movie, but that wasn’t the biggest problem for me, an avid lover of violent movies.  The problem was that I felt that the story heavily relied in the use of violence to cover up the weakness of the script that wasn’t able to uphold or even come close to the expectations set by its predecessor.

Kick-Ass 2

It could be argued that although Aaron Taylor-Johnson did great with what he was given, however, despite being the titular character the whole plot could have been cut out in favour of a Hit-Girl movie as Chloë Grace Moretz whose coming of age storyline stood out most. The only thing that lulled this was the lunch scene in which the writer went for sophomoric, cheap humour (vomit and diarrhoea) instead of the quippy and more crafted dialogue.

Kick-Ass 2

I found the least compelling storyline to be the ‘super group’ of vigilantes including Donald Faison, who does a great supporting role as  a ‘Dr’ with a baseball bat and even Jim Carrey gives a stirring role as a Colonel Stars & Stripes which was ironically one of the stand out characters (maybe because I watched him a little more closely than others). However, I didn’t care for any of them, in the first movie they give us a reason to make attachments to the characters, whereas in this film there was a two minute scene where they gave ‘reasons’ that I guess we were suppose to cling to and a montage of them being friends. Not enough in my opinion and it made me indifferent to the death on a supposedly major character (the Colonel) where I should have felt sadness. Plus Justice Forever is not a great name for a group of vigilantes.

Kick-Ass 2

 The evolution of Red Mist into The Mother Fucker (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) felt like a real (and a little expected) turn which provided laughs, cringes and yells from the man behind me. I believed the extent that Chris D’Amico went and instead of sulking in it, like Harry Osborne, he bathed in the violence happening around him in the true path of a psychopath. A great scene for Mintz-Plasse is when he sits across from his incarcerated uncle as he kills Javier, the Alfred to D’Amico’s demented Bruce Wayne and he says “Thank You” for cutting any ties he had to being a good person.

There is a scene in which Mother Russia, a very scary masculine looking woman who could probably throw me to Paris, massacres police officers in broad daylight using propane tanks, a lawnmower etc. I felt that this scene, placed after an attempted rape was overkill. But, Kudos to the great cinematography, jarring and chaotic, creating a cold suburban atmosphere. One  thing I can’t knock the movie for is its sense of realism.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t see this again as I felt that the story didn’t bring me in like the first one, and felt in many places too predictable. But if you like really violent movies such as Punisher: War Zone, this might be worth the money to go and see. ( Thank God for Orange Wednesdays)



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