My Songs of the Summer

There were a lot of songs that I loved and then loathed throughout the summer and these were the ones that really muscled their way through without being overplayed wherever I went and really capture my favourite sounds of the summer:

(Granted, I go everywhere with my iPod absolutely oblivious to the world)

Karmin – Acapella

The colour palette is awesome, kind of reminds me of a Missy Elliott video

I’m not sure what it is about Karmin but I loved this song this summer. I’m not a big fan of theirs in general but any song that I get to pretend I can rap to is good in my books. (Did anyone say [insert rap name here]? Right? No? OK)

The Lonely Island – You’ve Got The Look (feat. Hugh Jackman & Kristen Wiig)

I fear the idea of a video… I might die of laughter

A song about one booby on the loose. To be honest I had this whole album repeat and had people looking me like some sort of escaped mental patient when I tried to stifle laughs on the bus. (Yeah, I’m that girl) BTW: This is the most played song on my iPod. Yeah.

Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (feat. Dr. Dre)

What says summer more than a song predominantly about smoking weed in warm weather with Dr. Dre. “Women, Weed & Weather”. Now I’m not really a smoker of the old weed (what and I even saying?) but for some reason when I think of summer weed and cider is involved… I am such a classy broad #fail

Ke$ha – Only Wanna Dance With You (feat. The Strokes)

This was an electronic summer for me for the most part, but those songs will be forgotten come fall. This song got me to listen to The Strokes and I’ve never really listened to them. Ke$ha sound awesome, very little auto-tune (that annoys me to no end) and it’s a stand on her sophomore record, Warrior. I actually dance around my room like a dork to this and that is no easy feat.

Swiss Lips – U got The Power

I thought that the video was an advert for some 80s dance movie… I was wrong apparently

This song is just a great.,. easy breezy electronic summer song that isn’t too complicated and was killed on the iPod. Apparently this song is almost 2 years old, but it is a timeless song that sounds straight out of the 80s and still relevant.

What’s your summer song?


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